Falling In Reverse at Isleta Amphitheater

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Isleta Amphitheater | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Falling In Reverse

If you’ve got “voices in your head” begging you for some time off, this is the perfect time to take a breather and join a rip roaring debauchery! Falling in Reverse’s Popular Monstour II: World Domination conquers summer and they’re hitting up Albuquerque, New Mexico for some heavy metal showdown! For starters, the band finally comes out with their highly awaited new record Popular Monster and this head bang worthy gem contains some of the band’s recent kick ass titles, “Voices in My Head,” “Zombified,” and “Watch the World Burn.” You can experience these outstanding hits, plus songs from their smashing older releases when you catch Falling in Reverse light up the Isleta Amphitheater! The show on Tuesday 27th August 2024 is guaranteed to induce some epic circle pits and massive wall of deaths! So if you’re ready to be part of this sinister gathering, then gear up and secure your passes now before you miss out!

They’re pretty much 2024’s heaviest band! This year, Falling in Reverse is slated to deliver a string of kick ass metal shows to over 20 major cities! Fans are looking at a headbang worthy, face-grimacing debacle because the band will be serving massive staples. This year, Falling In Reverse just casually came out with a hot new drop, “Ronald,” a song that goes from 100 to 1000 real fast. It has been described as the heaviest song of the summer. Before “Ronald,” Falling in Reverse also blew fans away with brilliant titles like “Voices in My Head,” “Watch the World Burn,” and “Zombified.” These hits achieved smashing commercial success as the band heavily experimented with a number of genres.

This summer, fans can expect the most out of this world metal show as Falling in Reverse tears it up at the Isleta Amphitheater! You’re sure to experience the band’s brand new staples from their 2024 album, but crowd pleasing titles from their earlier releases. Since 2011, Falling in Reverse has been breaking the trends and setting their own standards for their music. Audiences on Tuesday 27th August 2024 will get to bang their heads to a plethora of techniques from sick raplines, hardcore breakdowns, and some hip eletronica samples. Meanwhile, frontman Ronnie Radke will likely to show off some lit vocal prowess - the man has a very diverse vocal range and his styles have evolved over the years. This versatility is best shown in the single, “Voices in My Head.”

If you think having Falling in Reverse as your headliner makes this show awesome enough, wait til you find out that the band is actually bringing in the heavy hitters of metalcore. The show at the Isleta Amphitheater will also feature exhilarating performances from Black Veil Brides, Dance Gavin Dance,rapper Techn9ne, and Nathan James. It’s a guaranteed heavy metal extravaganza with some top-tier rap from Techn9ne, who notably appeared on Falling in Reverse’s sick new single, “Ronald.”

So whether you like metal core, rap metal, hip-hop, or punk, this is an excellent time to let loose and be yourself! Rock out to these hardcore staples and bang your head like it's the end of the world! Secure tickets now to the season’s most hard hitting spectacle featuring Falling in Reverse and their special guests!

Falling In Reverse at Isleta Amphitheater

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